Officially, on April 28th, my blog turned 3 years old!  I can’t believe how fast the time goes.   2011 is proving to be a  very challenging but exciting year so far, personally and professionally.  I’m vowing to blog more, as I always do…but I never quite achieve as much as I would like.  Next up on the blog is the 2011 Relay for Life of Macungie.    I shot the event last year because I had several friends participating and had never experienced an event like it.   To my excitement, I was asked back to shoot the event this year.  I can’t wait to blog about it because there are so many amazing people involved!

I truly hope the next half of 2011 turns out to be fabulous.   I’m going to need a lot of prayer, patience and positivity.  No one is going to live my life for me, so I have to Make Things Happen.  I’m taking on more photography opportunities that come my way and really honing in on what my shooting style is.  Practice, Practice, Practice.   Design and style are always apart of anything I do…and I’m loving the design and vintage inspired shoots happening, and fashion, fashion, fashion!  I would  love an opportunity to help style a shoot  as well, in the future.  I’m extremely excited about that.   I love Jill Thomas of Jill Thomas Photography! Her style and fashion sense seem so effortless and simple, but gorgeous in the same way.  Nothing is perfect, nor does it have to be.  That’s what I get from her…and I love that.  She does a lot of fashion/styled shoots in addition to her lifestyle photography. 

 This is what I need right now.  I really hope a trip is in order sometime this summer/fall.  I don’t know where, but some peace and happiness is in order!  Another one of my fav photos from Puerto Rico a few years back.   The serenity of the beach gets me every time!   

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