Oh, I honestly wasn’t going to blog about my birthday.  I’m not very good with being the center of attention.  I haven’t had a birthday party (with more than family) since I was 10 at least.    Not even for my 30th.  It’s kind of hard when friends and family are all out of the area and/or across the country.   The past couple of birthdays have been very quiet and low-key which I like in most cases.  Well, I turned 34 on June 12th and I think I have to turn things up and maybe party it up next year…maybe a mexican fiesta??  I love me some Spanish music,  a margarita, mojito or Dos Equis/Corona for your drinking pleasure, the beach and the people that matter most of course.  

I have a lot of things on my to do list for my 34th year.   I’m hoping to divulge into those things in a future blog post!   For now, I have a lot of thinking and decision making to do.   I’m fine with that, because I’m embracing change…slowly.   I’m embracing what I feel I was meant to do…slowly.  

My husband and I also celebrated our 7yr wedding anniversary on May 24th!!  So crazy.  These years have gone by so fast and I want them to slow down now!  Kenny is my constant support in everything I do.  He may not agree with every little decision I make, but he is right there…and just wants me to be happy.  It’s been a tough road career wise (layoffs, miserable jobs etc.) and I hate to dwell on those times.  I have nothing else to compare it with, so, I’m slowly making changes as I stated above.  Patience.  My time will come, my time will come.

So, Happy Birthday to my twin sister and I (and all my other Gemini’s)!!   Hang on peeps, year #34 is going to be crazy, fun, and successful!    (The photo is of Las Ventanas Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico).  Wishful thinking for #35, but a girl can dream and I’m dreaming BIG!

****Look for the Relay for Life blog post coming soon!

One thought on “34…Age is just a number right?

  1. Liz

    I would love to celebrate your 35th with you! However, it happens to be a day before a certain someone’s 30th, so we will have to see what happens :) love ya!

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