Adam was such a trooper, sleeping or not!  Next time we will get his big sister Jena in for a few photos.  Erin you’re doing a wonderful job with your two little ones…and I give you so much credit for working full time.   I really hope you get to enjoy this time before you have to go back!   It was great getting to chat with you and catch up on life…even though we live so close, life does get in the way!    

Here are a few of my favorite black & white and detail photos from the day.  This first photo is my favorite.   These make me happy.

Lots of natural light here. 

Another favorite.   I couldn’t resist. 

A message from Jena to her new baby brother.  “I love Adam”  by Jena Luck.  How cute is that?

2 thoughts on “Adam

  1. Catherine Hall

    Hey, lady! I found your blog through Jasmine Star’s website. Just wanted to spread the love and let you know that these latest pictures are fantastic–organic, honest, no pretenses. Moving work, Marnie (and what a cute little one, right?). I look forward to seeing more of your work and hope to develop a blogging relationship. I’m taking my blog in a new direction and am excited to see if my fresh style starts to pay off! Cheers, Catherine

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