Back in August, I went to visit with my good friend Angie and her kids Caitlin and Ethan. It’s really hard for us to find time that we’re both available so this was a fun afternoon. We had lunch, got to chat, and had some fun with Play-doh. Ang made her own from flour and water, food coloring and I think that’s it. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Ang!). The kids are growing so fast. I must say that they are very, very good kids!! I met Ang on the very first day of my first job out of college. I still remember waiting in the lobby and we sat next to eachother. We were both nervous about what we were about to experience…needless to say, it has been over 10 years and we have been to eachother’s weddings and have stayed in touch all these years. Can’t wait for next time.  Love you Ang and Rodney!

 I think these were meatballs!

Caitlin was making a cake, I think.

Oh, fun times.


I adore these next few photos.


Caitlin enjoying an M&M break…

Ethan was a character, and was definitely trying his hardest not to smile.  Love this.




 Ethan was not a fan of the sprinkling rain, Caitlin on the other hand, was content.  We were literally outside for 5 minutes!

The two individual B&W photos of Caitlin and Ethan are my fav’s from the day.

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