If Burberry isn’t fabulous enough on its own, they now have come out with a new makeup line!  I found this out scowering through the new July Issue of InStyle, (on page 32, to be exact).  The new line inlcudes lipsticks, blushes, shadows, foundation and mascara.  The packaging is much like the Burberry black plaid trench. Yes, please!   I have a love for all things print media,  paper products, branding,  advertising/product design…you name it.  I don’t have an actual  photo for you because the line doesn’t come out until July, but you can just imagine…that is, if you are a lover of Burberry.  Or, you can just go pick up the July Issue of InStyle!  The line seems pretty reasonable compared to other high end make up lines like Chanel, but it’s not like I’m running out the door to spend mucho dinero.  I have so many different types of makeup in my bag it’s ridiculous, but when I find what I like and what works for me, you’ve got me.  With my luck, most of the time, the product is discontinued and I’m moving on to the next best (and hopefully affordable) option!

My Burberry Brit perfume is one of my FAVORITE scents and I can’t live without it.  Well, I can, but you know what I mean.  So, maybe I’ll try out a Burberry Lipstick or eyeshadow shade in the future…I’m sure it will be worth it, right?   Or am I just going to buy it because I like the design and packaging?   Yes, and yes!  

Thinking of all things Burberry, it brings me to when I walked into the Burberry outlet in San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years back.  Shut the front door and lock me in!  This place is gorgeous and I was ready to buy a scarf, umbrella, and a trench…who cares if it’s 95 degrees and 100% humidity!  OMG, I don’t know how I walked out without buying anything.   Damn luggage weight limit!

All in all, I’m excited about the makeup line, even if I don’t end up wearing any of it.   Oh, but if I do make a purchase, be sure to check the bloggity for a product review!  Above is a photo of the Burberry Outlet…I love the architecture and colors of all the buildings in Old San Juan.  Oh,  how I need a vacation!

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