Hey guys! I feel like it’s been forever since I last blogged…but it’s only been 2 weeks!  Kenny comes home tomorrow from another week in San Antonio.  It’s starting to feel like home to him…and he goes back in June!  Job security…I like it.   Last time I was there, we had a fabulous time, if only for 2 days.   Hopefully we’ll get to go to Austin, “The live music capitol of the world”, the next time he’s headed out that way!   Here’s a photo of  the marketplace where you can find anything and everything.   I found a beautiful spanish tile picture frame, but I had to stop there.  Shopping in moderation is key….I keep telling myself  that!

New blog post coming soon!  Mini photo session of my good friend Erin and baby Adam. Hope you all have a fab weekend!

2 thoughts on “Good Ole San Antonio

  1. Mary Post author

    Hey Jill!
    Yep, got a new blog header that kind of describes me in a nutshell. I might be going out for a long weekend to visit him but not sure. Hoping to make the next tweetup as well. No worries, you let me know when the time is right and we’ll work it out! Thanks so much for the comment.

  2. Jill

    Great pic! I love San Antonia and Austin. Fun places to hang out. Deos that mean you’re heading back with him in June?

    It’s been a couple weeks since I visited your blog last. Did you make some changes in here? I love the new look. Need to shoot you an email about that photography shoot. Busy right now but will get in touch with you next week.

    PS- I’m definitely planning on attending the June tweetup. Hope you can make that one.

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