I’m sitting here thinking about the husband.  Kenny’s birthday is today.  He’s out of town on business yet again, but he’s working hard and I can’t complain about that.   Kenny is a HUGE movie buff and we went to see “The Expendables” this past weekend.   He loved it, of course.   It’s my pick next time…although we agreed that he wouldn’t have to go see “Eat, Pray, Love” with me.   Compromise,  I tell you…it saves marriages.   We have celebrated many a birthday over the years, but this year we couldn’t be together for either of our birthdays due to work.  It’s amazing how the years have gone by.  I can remember our walks downtown to campus (Penn State) and how we would talk for hours about our future.   We reminisce about our dating days all the time, and I love it.    This November we will have been together (dating and marriage) 13 years.  Craziness.   We can’t be in our Thirties, can we?   Insert reality check here.   Although we are getting older, some things never change.  

One of those things is his laugh.  I will NEVER get tired of his laugh.   Luckily, we have a plethora of TV’s in our home.   If he’s watching TV downstairs and I’m upstairs in our bedroom, I can hear his laugh like he’s right next to me.    Hearing him laugh, in turn, makes me laugh.  He’s either watching Tosh.O on Comedy Central or The Three Stooges.    Laughter really is the best medicine!

Happy Birthday Kenny.   I hope you have comedy central in your hotel room!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Kenny!

  1. Sherry South

    The best laugh ever..and almost always a smile for everyone. If I sound like a proud mother, it is because I am. Mary..I love the black and white photo of the little boy, captured his mood and everything. If I sound like a proud mother-in-law, it is because I am. :-)

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