Leah is a sweet little thing.  She was adopted by my very good friends Lori and Mark about 2 months ago.  It was perfect timing because they had been wanting to become parents for a very long time.  I’m extremely happy and excited for the both you and the journey you’re about to experience.  I hope you enjoy these photos and cherish your time with Leah, because as we know, time goes by very fast and she’ll be ready to date in a few years!!!

Here are a few more from our afternoon with Leah.

2 thoughts on “Leah.

  1. Mary Post author

    Thank you Kiki. I appreciate you taking a look at the blog and photos. This was one of my favorite sessions to date!

  2. Kiki Gilbert

    These pics brought tears to my eyes. This couple clearly loves not only one another but their new baby. You really captured it. Good luck! Being a parent is the absolute best thing in the world. Thanks for sharing your moment. -Kik

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