So, this message has been in the works for a good 5 years now, since I started writing my blog in April of 2008. I have always loved photography, style and design. For like EVER. I began to teach myself and define my shooting style over the last few years. That part is always a work in progress but for me, simplicity is best. I love fashion, interior and product design and occasionally post my favorites on the blog. I decided to blend all these things together with

I’m happy to say that this year will bring all new things to Marniestyle. For real, this time. A new website/blog design is in the works and a fun project or two. Marniestyle will focus on Maternity, Newborns, Lifestyle/Product shoots as well as my style and design ideas. I’m working on a series called “Mamas with Style” that combines two of my favorite things. Maternity photography and Style. Yay!!!

Here’s where my peeps come in! If you know of any expectant mamas-to-be or mamas with newborns, and/or adoptive mothers that would be interested in a photo session, please let me know. Feel free to contact me with any questions and for more details about the “Mamas with Style” sessions at

If you are interested in a product/design shoot or Stylist opportunity, I would love to work with you! Please email me at or contact me through my FB Page. Did I say I was excited? Oh yeah, I can’t wait to meet all of you!!!

With Love & Style,
Mary Sullivan

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