I apologize for my time away from the blog! I have been working on a few things along with the day job. I hope to have some exciting things in the works for MarnieStyle…and I can’t wait for the Spring and Summer months to come. I’ve been struggling to find a balance betweeen work/home/and my real passions, but I’m finding my way. Look for new blog posts in April about Photography, Stylist work and my favorite things that I can’t live without.  Happy Spring!

Here’s a photo of my Kate Spade Nook Cover! (got it 75% off at Barnes & Noble).  It has a white front, and red back cover.   I would have never purchased it for myself at the regular price!  I love a good deal!   This was a gift that I’m loving, although I still like to turn the pages of a hard cover book.   The inscription on the inside reads “Every day is a new story”.    I love this quote!!  I take things day by day in everything I do.  It’s a must!

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