I apologize for my time away from the blog! I have been working on a few things along with the day job. I hope to have some exciting things in the works for MarnieStyle…and I can’t wait for the Spring and Summer months to come. I’ve been struggling to find a balance betweeen work/home/and my real passions, but I’m finding my way. Look for new blog posts in April about Photography, Stylist work and my favorite things that I can’t live without.  Happy Spring!

Here’s a photo of my Kate Spade Nook Cover! (got it 75% off at Barnes & Noble).  It has a white front, and red back cover.   I would have never purchased it for myself at the regular price!  I love a good deal!   This was a gift that I’m loving, although I still like to turn the pages of a hard cover book.   The inscription on the inside reads “Every day is a new story”.    I love this quote!!  I take things day by day in everything I do.  It’s a must!

Seriously loving Emma Watson’s new look.  Steering away from her Harry Potter days and trying to blend into Brown University’s student body, Emma is so simply gorgeous and comfortable in her skin. 

Although I would never look good with a Pixie cut, I’ve always been tempted.  It just looks so simple yet stylish and sophisticated.   Maybe, if someone paid me to do it!!  The photos are from the most recent Marie Claire and Vogue Mags.

Finally, I’ve gotten some time to write a full blog post on our mini road trip to Toronto  in October.  It was one of our best trips we’ve taken….because we didn’t plan a thing until we got there!  It was a gorgeous fall day which made for a great drive.  So thankful for good driving weather and some stress free time together.  

We stayed in downtown Toronto, in the Entertainment District.   Everything we decided to explore was within walking distance and that’s what we did.  Walk…for days!   The only time we caved was on the last day…it was a bit chillier than usual and my feet couldn’t take it anymore!   On our first full day we went to Steam Whistle Brewery, on the recommendation of my twitter friend Tania of of TLC Designs and Decor (@TLC_Designs).  We were discussing Toronto and she had recommended  taking a tour of the Brewery and trying out the Pilsner!   This was perfect for us.  (If you love Travel, photography and design like I do, visit Tania’s blog and website @ www.passport2design.com).   We love to take winery and brewery tours.  This brewery was very unique because they only brew one beer, a Steam Whistle Pilsner and that is all.  There motto is “Do one thing, and Do it well”.   We LOVED the tour.  Very artsy and eco-friendly place.  They support local artists and musicians/bands as well as showcase the art work and host parties in the brewery event space.  We even saw one of the three owners walking around which was fun.   For more info,  go to www.steamwhistlebrewery.ca.

Next, we decided to take a walk along the harbour and just sightsee for the afternoon.  Even though our first day was a bit rainy…we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Beautiful.

Next, it’s on to Eaton Centre and Younge area.  One of the most popular parts of Toronto for shopping, eating, the financial district etc.  There are so many gorgeous buildings and the architecture, design  and old world feel was so exciting to see and enjoy.

And…a little taste of what’s to come in Part 2.  In Part 2, we’ll venture back to the Distillery District, visit St. Lawrence Market,  The Hockey Hall of Fame,  A World Press Photo Tour and a brief look-see of the CN Tower.  Hopefully it won’t take me another 3 months to post it!  I kid.   It’s been a trying few months here at MarnieStyle…but 2011 will bring lots of good change and new ventures.   Fear is not an option!   Bring. It. On.   Happy Weekend!!  Stay warm…to my peeps on the East Coast.  To my West Coasters…I hate you right now.  (I don’t really hate you…I hate that you don’t have to deal with freezing temps and snow.)  Chat soon!

(**Some photos taken with my Point and Shoot Digital and some with my SLR)

Loving this look from Actress Toni Collete today.  The scarf,  (double breasted?) grey jacket, skinny jeans, knee high black boots and fab Emerald green handbag.  I’m definitely on a mission to recreate this look!!  We’ll see if I can do it on a budget.  If I do, I will be sure to blog my great finds!!

***Next up, a full write up of our Toronto Trip and a Guest Blog Post!

Kenny and I decided to do something that we’ve never done…and drive up to Toronto, Canada.  We’ve heard so many good things about this city and wanted to experience it, even if it was only for 3 days.  Almost 4 days if you count all the driving we did!  

Corktown Design Company in the Distillery District of Old Town Toronto.  We walked from Eaton Centre, to  St. Lawrence Market, onto the Distillery District.  There were so many great shops, brewery’s and business’s along the cobblestone streets.  We walked so much this day, a beer was definitely needed!   I will blog a shot of St. Lawrence Market, Steam Whistle Brewery in Downtown Toronto, and a few photos by the Harbour  in the next post.  ***There were no Whiskey Tours on this trip, much to Kenny’s dismay.

Back in August, I went to visit with my good friend Angie and her kids Caitlin and Ethan. It’s really hard for us to find time that we’re both available so this was a fun afternoon. We had lunch, got to chat, and had some fun with Play-doh. Ang made her own from flour and water, food coloring and I think that’s it. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Ang!). The kids are growing so fast. I must say that they are very, very good kids!! I met Ang on the very first day of my first job out of college. I still remember waiting in the lobby and we sat next to eachother. We were both nervous about what we were about to experience…needless to say, it has been over 10 years and we have been to eachother’s weddings and have stayed in touch all these years. Can’t wait for next time.  Love you Ang and Rodney!

 I think these were meatballs!

Caitlin was making a cake, I think.

Oh, fun times.


I adore these next few photos.


Caitlin enjoying an M&M break…

Ethan was a character, and was definitely trying his hardest not to smile.  Love this.




 Ethan was not a fan of the sprinkling rain, Caitlin on the other hand, was content.  We were literally outside for 5 minutes!

The two individual B&W photos of Caitlin and Ethan are my fav’s from the day.

 I’m sitting here thinking about the husband.  Kenny’s birthday is today.  He’s out of town on business yet again, but he’s working hard and I can’t complain about that.   Kenny is a HUGE movie buff and we went to see “The Expendables” this past weekend.   He loved it, of course.   It’s my pick next time…although we agreed that he wouldn’t have to go see “Eat, Pray, Love” with me.   Compromise,  I tell you…it saves marriages.   We have celebrated many a birthday over the years, but this year we couldn’t be together for either of our birthdays due to work.  It’s amazing how the years have gone by.  I can remember our walks downtown to campus (Penn State) and how we would talk for hours about our future.   We reminisce about our dating days all the time, and I love it.    This November we will have been together (dating and marriage) 13 years.  Craziness.   We can’t be in our Thirties, can we?   Insert reality check here.   Although we are getting older, some things never change.  

One of those things is his laugh.  I will NEVER get tired of his laugh.   Luckily, we have a plethora of TV’s in our home.   If he’s watching TV downstairs and I’m upstairs in our bedroom, I can hear his laugh like he’s right next to me.    Hearing him laugh, in turn, makes me laugh.  He’s either watching Tosh.O on Comedy Central or The Three Stooges.    Laughter really is the best medicine!

Happy Birthday Kenny.   I hope you have comedy central in your hotel room!


This has been my motto for as long as I can remember.  It’s the way I was brought up and it’s a way of life for me.  You can thank my mother for that.   Although,  not everyone decides to live there life this way (which is a major dissapointment).   As you can see,  I haven’t blogged in a month.  I have written many blog posts but I’ve deleted them.  I really don’t know why I deleted them.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind (big change) anymore.   I have realized a lot this last month.   I can’t help people if they don’t want to be helped.  I can’t change people if they don’t want to change and I’m the best friend anyone could ever want,  but most take advantage of that.  (Not my long time/bestest peeps, that I see every couple of years.  That’s a different kind of friendship)  They know who they are.   So, at this point in my life…I’m tired.  Tired of making an effort and dealing with these types of mundane situations.  So, I guess I should just let things go, as the hubs would say.  Move on.  Easier said than done, my love.

So,  my point is this.  “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”.   Do I really need to explain this?  Respect and be kind to people, even if it hurts and they don’t return the favor.   ”Kill them with kindness”.  Didn’t anybody watch “Little House on the Prairie” growing up?  In all seriousness, walk the walk.

I promise the next blog post will be fun, fabulous and all about fashion!

My new favorite shoe.  These thong sandles are the MOST comfortable shoe ever.   They are by White Mountain.  Wish I could wear them all year round.   Damn you winter!  I have these in Silver and I might go back for the Black patent!  Oh, and they were on SALE!!! Holler.

****Update:  Just went to check if the Black Patent sandals were in and they were on Sale for $14.99 BUT I found these gladiator ones!!! I got them in Black.   I’m done for Summer!!   Don’t tell Kenny : )


In continuation from the sneak peek, here are a few more of my favorite photos from the Macungie Relay for Life.   I really enjoyed taking the time to walk around and watch all the families, friends and peer groups walking for one common goal.    I too, stopped to remember my friends and loved ones who have passed.  

Eileen’s Team Name was ” We Are Family”.  

Macungie Memorial Park.   2010 Macungie Relay For Life Location.

This is Wendy Stickler,  battling cancer like so many at the Relay.  I posted this because she looks so proud to be walking among those battling, those who have beaten and those who have passed from this horrible disease called Cancer.

The luminary lighting ceremony is very emotional  to say the least.

Wendy is telling her story and encouraging others to take a stand.  Life is too short, live it to the fullest every day.

This is my favorite photo.   With just the sheer emotion and determination of the family, friends, staff and workers, lord knows there’s an enormous amount of HOPE in this world.  Let’s pray that it finds a cure…soon.

In May,  I had the opportunity to go to the Macungie Relay for Life  and visit my former co-worker, friend and 2-time breast cancer survivor Eileen.   It was my first time attending this event and what an emotional event it was.  Eileen is in the center of the photo here (with her leg crossed).  This is the only shot of her, which is understandable…this is a Fri-Sun walk to raise money and there were tons of activities and things to see as well.   The first shot is of the Opening Ceremony.  More on the Relay in the next blog post.

This is just one of the hundreds of luminaries that were lit in memory of loved ones.