Oh, I honestly wasn’t going to blog about my birthday.  I’m not very good with being the center of attention.  I haven’t had a birthday party (with more than family) since I was 10 at least.    Not even for my 30th.  It’s kind of hard when friends and family are all out of the area and/or across the country.   The past couple of birthdays have been very quiet and low-key which I like in most cases.  Well, I turned 34 on June 12th and I think I have to turn things up and maybe party it up next year…maybe a mexican fiesta??  I love me some Spanish music,  a margarita, mojito or Dos Equis/Corona for your drinking pleasure, the beach and the people that matter most of course.  

I have a lot of things on my to do list for my 34th year.   I’m hoping to divulge into those things in a future blog post!   For now, I have a lot of thinking and decision making to do.   I’m fine with that, because I’m embracing change…slowly.   I’m embracing what I feel I was meant to do…slowly.  

My husband and I also celebrated our 7yr wedding anniversary on May 24th!!  So crazy.  These years have gone by so fast and I want them to slow down now!  Kenny is my constant support in everything I do.  He may not agree with every little decision I make, but he is right there…and just wants me to be happy.  It’s been a tough road career wise (layoffs, miserable jobs etc.) and I hate to dwell on those times.  I have nothing else to compare it with, so, I’m slowly making changes as I stated above.  Patience.  My time will come, my time will come.

So, Happy Birthday to my twin sister and I (and all my other Gemini’s)!!   Hang on peeps, year #34 is going to be crazy, fun, and successful!    (The photo is of Las Ventanas Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico).  Wishful thinking for #35, but a girl can dream and I’m dreaming BIG!

****Look for the Relay for Life blog post coming soon!

If Burberry isn’t fabulous enough on its own, they now have come out with a new makeup line!  I found this out scowering through the new July Issue of InStyle, (on page 32, to be exact).  The new line inlcudes lipsticks, blushes, shadows, foundation and mascara.  The packaging is much like the Burberry black plaid trench. Yes, please!   I have a love for all things print media,  paper products, branding,  advertising/product design…you name it.  I don’t have an actual  photo for you because the line doesn’t come out until July, but you can just imagine…that is, if you are a lover of Burberry.  Or, you can just go pick up the July Issue of InStyle!  The line seems pretty reasonable compared to other high end make up lines like Chanel, but it’s not like I’m running out the door to spend mucho dinero.  I have so many different types of makeup in my bag it’s ridiculous, but when I find what I like and what works for me, you’ve got me.  With my luck, most of the time, the product is discontinued and I’m moving on to the next best (and hopefully affordable) option!

My Burberry Brit perfume is one of my FAVORITE scents and I can’t live without it.  Well, I can, but you know what I mean.  So, maybe I’ll try out a Burberry Lipstick or eyeshadow shade in the future…I’m sure it will be worth it, right?   Or am I just going to buy it because I like the design and packaging?   Yes, and yes!  

Thinking of all things Burberry, it brings me to when I walked into the Burberry outlet in San Juan, Puerto Rico a few years back.  Shut the front door and lock me in!  This place is gorgeous and I was ready to buy a scarf, umbrella, and a trench…who cares if it’s 95 degrees and 100% humidity!  OMG, I don’t know how I walked out without buying anything.   Damn luggage weight limit!

All in all, I’m excited about the makeup line, even if I don’t end up wearing any of it.   Oh, but if I do make a purchase, be sure to check the bloggity for a product review!  Above is a photo of the Burberry Outlet…I love the architecture and colors of all the buildings in Old San Juan.  Oh,  how I need a vacation!

Adam was such a trooper, sleeping or not!  Next time we will get his big sister Jena in for a few photos.  Erin you’re doing a wonderful job with your two little ones…and I give you so much credit for working full time.   I really hope you get to enjoy this time before you have to go back!   It was great getting to chat with you and catch up on life…even though we live so close, life does get in the way!    

Here are a few of my favorite black & white and detail photos from the day.  This first photo is my favorite.   These make me happy.

Lots of natural light here. 

Another favorite.   I couldn’t resist. 

A message from Jena to her new baby brother.  “I love Adam”  by Jena Luck.  How cute is that?

 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to finally meet baby Adam and visit with his mom, my good friend Erin.   Adam is more than challenging Erin with his sleeping schedule : )  More to come this week!

Pier 1 has been a favorite of mine for years, but WEST ELM is quickly approaching the top of my fav list!  I’m loving the new Cooper Sofa and want it in my living room like, now!   The neutral color of the couch, with a casual throw and a few patterned pillows make the room.  I’ve also been eyeing up a rug from Peggy Wong of bluepoolroad.  She designs a stationary line as well as her new signature rug collection.   If you are a lover of stationary and design like I am, definitely go check her out!   

***all photos are courtesy of  the West Elm and bluepoolroad websites.

Thank you Jasmine Star.  Watching and listening to Jasmine’s presentation at Escalate Live  was such a good decision.   Jasmine’s talk was on Social Media and the ins and outs of how to use it within  your photography business or any business for that matter.   Jasmine actually said this while answering a question after her talk was over.   “Give yourself permission to be you”.   This resonates with me big time.   Basically,  don’t care what other people think of you.  Do what you feel is right for you and your business.  If he or she doesn’t like you, so what.  Move on.  Their loss.   Slowly but surely, I’ve started to use this mentality.   I’m finally giving myself permission to be me, after a long,  long time of worrying what other people thought…about everything.   What a relief this is, and a huge weight off my shoulders.  I actually feel like a more happier me.  

So, I can’t wait to post my most recent sessions in the coming weeks! Baby Adam,  and the Relay for Life.   Good Stuff.

Hey guys! I feel like it’s been forever since I last blogged…but it’s only been 2 weeks!  Kenny comes home tomorrow from another week in San Antonio.  It’s starting to feel like home to him…and he goes back in June!  Job security…I like it.   Last time I was there, we had a fabulous time, if only for 2 days.   Hopefully we’ll get to go to Austin, “The live music capitol of the world”, the next time he’s headed out that way!   Here’s a photo of  the marketplace where you can find anything and everything.   I found a beautiful spanish tile picture frame, but I had to stop there.  Shopping in moderation is key….I keep telling myself  that!

New blog post coming soon!  Mini photo session of my good friend Erin and baby Adam. Hope you all have a fab weekend!

So, I just received the new J. CREW catalog for May, and Hello, gorgeous!   The photo shoot was in Turks and Caicos and that place has the most amazing light and the color of the sand and ocean water are just to die for.  I mean, I DIE… literally, as Rachel Zoe would put it.   If this doesn’t make you want to go spend your paycheck at J. Crew I don’t know what will.   Thank you J. CREW for keeping my love for snail mail alive…even if I really just want to look at the photos!

I was looking through some of my favorite black and white photos I’ve taken within the last year, and I love this one from Miami.  We had gone in to buy some gelato and I noticed the sign right away.  Very simple font and design.