Hello! I’m so excited to have a new home for the blog! It’s been a long time coming and I feel it fits me perfectly. I’ve also been writing my blog for 2 years already! How the heck did that happen? Writing this blog has brought forth so many things that I have loved for many years but never got serious about it.  It was drilled into me that the 9-5 was the proper/safe way to go, and that has been one of the reasons I never “went for it”.   Since starting the blog, I have contributed to 2 additional blogs, as discussed in previous posts and have shot a few mini-photo sessions that will be posted soon!  I’m throwing myself into these passions and loving every minute of it!  As much as Social Media is now an addiction for so many of us, it has really sparked a new energy in me, not just socially, but career wise as well.  This blog is also a place where I talk about all aspects of design, travel and style! So, happy spring to all of you…as I sit here recuperating from wisdom tooth surgery (sorry, not posting a pic), and watching RHONY (Real Houswives of New York).   Don’t judge!  Hope you all like the new blog design.  It really speaks for itself and I’m loving it!  In addition to Digital,  film photography is making a comeback (although it never really left) and that of the polaroid camera. I love the style and detail it brings forth and wanted it portrayed on the blog, along with a few other things.  I may even shoot with film at some point…that’s a whole different blog post for the Marnie Photography section!  In the future, I’m hoping to have a website in addition to my blog, but this is home for now.

An example of making things work with Social Media, is meeting new business professionals/new friends on Twitter. That is where I saw the blog design work of Kirsten Wright.  Thank you a million times, Kirsten!  Please visit with Kirsten and take a look at her work at Wright Creativity.  She does a lot more than blog design.   I would have gone insane doing this myself and asking for help was so worth it!  Well, I need to go take a nap…my cheeks look like I’m saving my acorns for winter already so I must go ice them. TMI, I know.  I leave you with a photo of my lilac bush…so lovely. 

Oh! I’m keeping my old blog up so if you missed the last blog post, you can catch my mini-photo session with Briana.  http://www.marniestyle.blogspot.com