Finally, I’ve gotten some time to write a full blog post on our mini road trip to Toronto  in October.  It was one of our best trips we’ve taken….because we didn’t plan a thing until we got there!  It was a gorgeous fall day which made for a great drive.  So thankful for good driving weather and some stress free time together.  

We stayed in downtown Toronto, in the Entertainment District.   Everything we decided to explore was within walking distance and that’s what we did.  Walk…for days!   The only time we caved was on the last day…it was a bit chillier than usual and my feet couldn’t take it anymore!   On our first full day we went to Steam Whistle Brewery, on the recommendation of my twitter friend Tania of of TLC Designs and Decor (@TLC_Designs).  We were discussing Toronto and she had recommended  taking a tour of the Brewery and trying out the Pilsner!   This was perfect for us.  (If you love Travel, photography and design like I do, visit Tania’s blog and website @   We love to take winery and brewery tours.  This brewery was very unique because they only brew one beer, a Steam Whistle Pilsner and that is all.  There motto is “Do one thing, and Do it well”.   We LOVED the tour.  Very artsy and eco-friendly place.  They support local artists and musicians/bands as well as showcase the art work and host parties in the brewery event space.  We even saw one of the three owners walking around which was fun.   For more info,  go to

Next, we decided to take a walk along the harbour and just sightsee for the afternoon.  Even though our first day was a bit rainy…we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Beautiful.

Next, it’s on to Eaton Centre and Younge area.  One of the most popular parts of Toronto for shopping, eating, the financial district etc.  There are so many gorgeous buildings and the architecture, design  and old world feel was so exciting to see and enjoy.

And…a little taste of what’s to come in Part 2.  In Part 2, we’ll venture back to the Distillery District, visit St. Lawrence Market,  The Hockey Hall of Fame,  A World Press Photo Tour and a brief look-see of the CN Tower.  Hopefully it won’t take me another 3 months to post it!  I kid.   It’s been a trying few months here at MarnieStyle…but 2011 will bring lots of good change and new ventures.   Fear is not an option!   Bring. It. On.   Happy Weekend!!  Stay warm…to my peeps on the East Coast.  To my West Coasters…I hate you right now.  (I don’t really hate you…I hate that you don’t have to deal with freezing temps and snow.)  Chat soon!

(**Some photos taken with my Point and Shoot Digital and some with my SLR)

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  1. Mary Post author

    Hi Tania! Glad you liked it. Working on Part 2. We really loved everything about Toronto and had a fabulous time.

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